The BE HEARD in the Workplace Act
is a comprehensive new bill that will prevent workplace harassment.

In April 2019, Congress introduced the BE HEARD in the Workplace Act. This is the first comprehensive federal legislation to address workplace harassment in the wake of #MeToo. It is bold legislation that responds to the needs of working people, and sets out a vision for what it means to appropriately respond to — and prevent — all forms of harassment including sexual assault in the workplace.

Expand anti-harassment protections to all working people.

Strengthen understanding of workplace harassment and help businesses and workers prevent it.

Raise the subminimum tipped wage to the full minimum wage so tipped workers don't have to put up with harassment to make a living.

Empower people who come forward with reports of harassment or retaliation to ensure they get support, a fair hearing, and be made whole for their harm.

Help ensure transparency and accountability by limiting employers’ use of NDAs and forced arbitration.

For decades, survivors of sexual violence have been coming forward to seek justice, raise awareness and to demand more protections for survivors. This movement reached a tipping point in 2017 with the international focus on Tarana Burke’s MeToo Movement, which resulted in an outpouring of stories from survivors who experienced sexual violence.